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Thread: Printer ink

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    William Vincent Guest

    Availability of Epson and Canon inks in bulk

    Steve, My wife and I take digital photos and, when we get something worthwhile, we enter 8X10 prints in local contests,county fairs etc. We have used HP printers bought ar Sam's Club and are currently using an HP7350. In 12 months, in preparation for our HIllsdale County Fair, we used over $700 for factory ink cartridges. We would like to purchase factory ink in pints or quarts or even 4 oz bottles. We would also like to find a continuous ink supply system to feed the printer we would buy...canon or Epson. Most people tell us that the Canon prints are more colorful than the Epson chroma ink prints. I hope we might buy a great 13x19" printer with a constant ink supply setup that will produce prints as good as with factory cartridges. Bill

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    willymcwilly Guest

    Compatibles are just as good

    I've had success with compatible and even with remanfactured ink that I bought online at http://www.castleink.com

    Seemed to work just as good as the original, even for printing pics....

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    fryguy173 Guest

    Thumbs up Keep in mind it still depends on the brand

    I'm a firm believer in new compatible cartridges for Epson and Canon printers. They are much lower cost than name brand OEM cartridges, and from my experience, once you install them and click "ok" on the initial warning message, I won't be able to tell any difference.

    Now I did have some issues in the past with a different brand of compatible cartridge than I'm currently using now. I would get periodic problems with the colors being off shade.

    After that, I tried ordering from a new place. Before ordering, I talked with a person there about my hesitation. He had told me he knew the issue I was referring to, and that I should realize that there are dozens of different companies out there offering compatible cartridges. Lumping them all in the same category doesn't do them justice, because some are high quality, while some are crappy.

    He explained to me that their company only offers the best they can find because they don't want to have problems. He said that it costs more in the long run to offer the cheaper crappy products and then have to deal with higher returns. This made sense to me.

    He also said that they tracked and evaluated the returns that they did have. He said that if a supplier wasn't pulling their weight, they'd switch to one that was. He followed it up with the comment that they don't seem to switch as frequently anymore because over time, they've found some very dependable sources.

    I normally don't give too many website recommendations, (not too many inspire me to do so) but I think this company is just top-notch all the way around. I really appreciated the time spent explaining this all to me just to earn my business. (Plus the guy had the same last name as me ) Their name is ASAP Inkjets and they're at http://www.asapinkjets.com/

    They've got quality products and I couldn't be happier with how personable their service is. They ship very quickly too.


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    Thumbs down Spam

    And they like to spam websites as well!

    As a matter of fact, I've never seen so many spam responses in one thread before!
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    thetec123 Guest
    Its hard to find cheap Epson printer ink, I usually get mine from http://www.PrinterInkPrices.com, it would also be a good thing to list your exact printer model, its easier to find it that way.

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    leewah Guest


    That sound real cheap fot a cartridges. Printers seem to be so much cheaper these days but the price of ink does not go down. Check around before you buy.


    Don't waste money on Printer Ink. Save up to 65% on toner cartridges, ink cartridges and printer supplies.

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    Hey Guys,

    You can learn how to save 15%-20% of your printers ink free of charge! How? Eco Font is how. It's a free font with tiny holes in it barely seen with the naked eye with font size 12" (standard size), such as the text your reading right now. You can download the free font by visiting the small article I wrote on the subject located here: Free Eco Font!

    Good Luck, Save Ink, Save Paper, Save the world!

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    *Pushes way through crowd of people spamming crappy websites*

    For those in the UK, I've found a good one. I've been using the ink for a month now in an Epson printer, no problems, good customer service, and practically no visible difference between this ink and the Epson ink. Well worth a look if you're up for compatibles! I'm not the only person with good experiences, they have an ebay store with 6675 positive feedback and only 2 negative feedback over the last 12 months.


    Also, have a look at the inkrite system - That's about the best value you can hope for.
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    I'm amazed the spam hasn't been cleared away. Makes sense to lock old threads.

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