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    Sep 2004
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    watcher, I ordered the rebel XT in black and was told this

    Estimated Ship Date: Monday, April 25, 2005

    Sub-Total $684.10
    Shipping and Handling $12.00

    Tax $0.00
    Total $696.10

    then this,
    336624897 and will not be able to ship this order and any associated orders until on or before 05-05-2005.

    then yesterday this,
    associated orders until on or before 05-12-2005.
    Please be aware that due to Federal Trade Commission rules, we must have your consent to continue with the order despite the delay.

    Fortunatly I own a 20D that is my main camera so it is not a big deal.

    they only had a few black models come in, and a ton of silver models...

    ohh well . I am not in that big of a hurry as long as they do not charge me untill the unit ships.

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    Apr 2005
    When did you order it?

    I'm leaving the 13th of May.
    I was an exchange student from Europe.
    The prices backhome are a lot more, so I just needed it fast!
    Dell promised me that, but they kept on changing the shipping date!
    I will have my camera tomorrow Not from Dell

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    Apr 2005
    Update: Got my camera right now!

    Pc Nation shipped it with their free 3day in 2 days!!
    I love the camera! I'm going to shoot tonight at the presentation of Ami Vitale (For people that don't know who she is, she is a World Press photo winner, and a Canon Female PhotoJournalist Grand winner!)

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    Congrats! I just got my 20D today!
    lots of joy in this forum.

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    ralniv Guest
    Ordered the silver XT with 18-55mm lens kit on May 14th. The Dell website is reporting that it is also backordered. Expected ship date is noted as the end of May.

    I used coupon codes from slickdeals.net to get a nice price for this baby.

    base price $999
    -15% (-$149.85)
    -$90 (-$90.00)
    -2% (-$15.18) --> new Dell credit card account
    $743.97 + $0.00 for shipping + tax

    The thread title says $849 from Dell Home, but you can get below $800 pretty easily. I'm not a fan of Dell PCs, but I do love their deals on cameras and big LCD monitors.

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    These coupons, together, will take it down to $759:


    Hurry, though.

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    Apr 2005
    thanks , got an xt for my wife . Money saved will go for Tamron 28-75 lense.

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