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I think you did amazingly well with such a slow shutter speed - I did one like that recently and deleted it imediatly!! (Obviously no where near as good as yours).
Well - it never hurts to have a go in your graphic package - as longas you save your new copy with a new name ( I often stick a 'B' after the file name - then you can switch between both copies to see which you prefer. This pic was using existing lighting - and I assume there was some kind of tungsten light on nearby - you might try to reduce the yellowing effect a little - depending on your graphics program...
Nice one anyway - please post soem more pics sometime soon
Hi Geoff,

I've recently gotten my hands on Adobe CS, so we'll see what I can do. Thanks for the file naming tip, by the way; I'll be sure to follow some sort of commonsense convention.

All the light nearby was electronically-ballasted flourescent. My white balance was set at 'auto', as was the ISO. (I'll check the EXIF data to be sure.)

Thanks for the compliment on the hand-holding...it's a little soft, but considering how shaky I normally am (I live on coffee at times) I'm surprised that Leopold's face came out so well. I was using the camera strap as a brace and the cat held still just long enough (what is it about cats that constantly frustrates so many candid pics? It's like they KNOW what's about to happen, and twitch just to spite you!).

I'd love to post some more stuff...we'll see if I can open up my 'portfolio' disk and I'd like to hear more of your analysis...

Thanks again,