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    Quote Originally Posted by judge9847
    I've been a-travelling.

    This is North Head Lighthouse in Washington State and is very close to the Cape Disapointment Lighthouse which I didn't have time to get to. It's a fabulous view across the Pacific Ocean and to stand and watch the waves smash on to the rocks was quite something.

    "After Cape Disapointment Lightstation was established in 1856 to mark the entrance to the Columbia River, mariners approaching the river from the north complained they could not see the light until they had nearly reached the river. Their cry for an additional lighthouse was supported by the many shipwrecks, which occurred along the Long Beach Peninsula, just north of the cape.

    Construction of North Head Lighthouse began in 1896. The tower is brick masonry with a cement plaster overlay built on a sandstone foundation. Since the light is only two miles north of Cape Disappointment, North Head needed a distinct signature. North Head shone a fixed white light, while Cape Disappointment alternated red and white flashes.

    North Head is one of the windiest places in the United States. On January 29, 1921, winds were clocked at 126 mph before the instrument blew away. They have frequently been measured at over 100 mph." (Text from Lighthousefriends.com)
    I think this one is a favorite already. Nice picture. The wind explains the absence of tall trees and a flag pole.
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