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Thread: Cheap Sony?

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    Cheap Sony?

    I recently went to amazon and found a list price for a brand new Sony Cybershot DSC T33 for only $250.00. I wanted to buy it but i thought since it was a new version of the T1 it should be more expensive than that. Is this a scam or what, why is the price so cheap?

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    Too good to be true?

    If the price seems to good to be true it probably is. If you read fine print you will probably see some verbage like "cameras sold have an international or abcphoto.com warranty". This means you are buying a grey market camera without a US warranty. NOT GOOD. The same sellers take the accessories out of the box and sell them back to you at an inflated price or worse sell you $25.00 worth of trash for $150.00. NOT GOOD Last but not least they rip you off on Shipping charges. I have seen shipping charges of $75.00 for UPS ground or USPS for a pocket size camera. RIPOFF

    Don't be a sucker, buy from a seller that has the camera in stock,offers a US Warranty, includes the accessories and has reasonable shipping charges.

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