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    Why doesnt Olympus and Panasonic Spend Money on Makerting there Micro 4/3

    You know it could well be that they were selling them cheap - that increases sales. In fact the Canon Eos-m is the number 1 and 2 top selling ILC on Amazon.com today.

    I know I hold a minority view amongst M43 shooters but I maintain that 'marketing spend' is not the answer for M43 and, if anything, Oly and Panasonic should reduce it.

    I have a number of good reasons for thinking so....

    First of all, 'marketing spend' seems to be why 'other people' buy cameras, not why you buy cameras 'yourself'. I know you believe there are millions of people who buy a camera because they 'love Ashton Kucher' but I will bet you have never met one. I read tons of reviews on the internet, user reviews etc before deciding on an OMD but I didnt look at some glossy advert and think - yes well must have one of those. Now if the product is unavailable - that is a different matter.

    And remember just because 'more' marketing spend will result in 'more' sales does not make it efficient spend. Maybe you could 'spend' the money reducing the price of the product and increase sales that way. It depends on the marginal utility of marketing spend which I think is negative.

    And let's be clear here Oly cannot afford to spend more on marketing. Last year it lost US$250m in digital cameras. Oh and for Oly last year 52% of sales revenue was spent on SG&A - sales, general and administrative expenses. So 50% of your spend on Oly went on sales and admin - your product is already being marketed in line with a Gucci handbag. This year, for the first 5 months, ALL mirrorless sales ALL over the globe amounted to US$350m. Meanwhile DSLR sales are over US$2bn. So clearly DSLR marketing spend is going to be far bigger than mirrorless spend.

    And clearly if 'everyone' believes that it is 'obvious' that M43 would benefit from increased marketing spend then it isnt.

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    And the reason for this thread being in the Canon ILC camera section is? Maybe it's the mention of the EOS-M. :-)

    M4/3 cameras have a lot if advantages over DSLR but they also have disadvantages, think laggy EVFs and suspect low light/higher iso performance to start with before you then consider the widely held belief that mirrorless cameras in general can't focus on moving subjects.
    IMO the mirrorless manufacturers should be spending money on more clever marketing not necessarily more marketing as a total. Marketing is about convincing people of the value proposition of your product and giving people a reason to buy it. I have never really seen any great effort in either of those areas from the m4/3 or mirrorless in general brigade.

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    If they spent less on marketing and just put more effort into new innovations then they'd sell themselves - full circle!!!
    I don't really believe this but I just thought I'd add a useless post to this useless thread.
    Sorry not usually this grumpy.........blame the wine.
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