I will start this by acknowledging that there are those of us photographers that have a “different” agenda to their craft or hobby, if you will.

That being said:

One of the more lamentable aspects of SONY’s DSLR/DSLT photography was the company’s incredible lack of response to the outcry of their customers for what the customer wanted in their camera. Instead, what we got was what SONY thought they should have in their camera and thus, three to four or even more years of effectively “wasted effort” with 3D experimental nonsense, instead of really addressing the still unaddressed “new” direction in flash and camera control technology.

If SONY had adopted and integrated RF (radio-frequency-technology), our cameras could have been out of our hands, on a tripod, and a truly reliable, responsive part of our craft (or hobby), instead of the limited IR (Infra-Red) unreliable one it still is, to this day.

Personally, I do not get it. This has been and continues to be the glaring “weak spot” in having a professional-level photographic-system controller-camera. If SONY wanted to set the pace in doing something meaningful, it was not in 3D-still photography. It should be in solid electronic flash and remote-control of the entire photographic system. THIS is a truly meaningful advancement of the art for everyone. 3-D has been and continues to be a “segment” or faction. Point in fact, even the theaters do not carry a 3-D version of a current movie for more than a week. Perhaps, if the cost were the same as “normal” movies, it might have had a chance, but with the need to purchase completely new-technology to appreciate it at home, in this day and age of no fiscal or personal financial growth… I hardly think so and the general public is bearing out that fact of modern life.

Even the Digital Photography School and training I attended paid 3-D Technologies no mind in their teaching or training. Not even a small portion of a class was dedicated to it. If you wanted to learn about it, you were on your own and still are. You have to have a viable market… and it is just not there.

Of course, there are those who say, “Well, who uses flash… and remote control?”

I contend: “A heck of a lot more than are still using 3-D!”

We need to get back to the basics of still photography and quit flying off on tangents of popularity. We are losing time… which translates into loss of imaging. I find that important. What say you?