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    Proposing to my girlfriend of 6 years tonight!! (

    We didn't date the entire 6 years straight... but in total, after a few break ups during difficult long distance periods and such we've been together for 2 years now, living together for 1 and the ring is finally done!

    It's such a crazy feeling of excitement made even more so by the fact that I haven't really told many people. It's such an odd feeling because on the one hand, it's something I just want to tell everyone I see, but on the other, I want her to be surprised and I'm not willing to risk ruining it. (My parents and sister know, and her parents know... that's it)

    So... this is my plan.

    For years she has been dropping subtle (and not so subtle) hints that she wanted to pick up photography. About a month ago I swapped my Dell M1330 Laptop (retired) to Itsprestonm (thank you r/trade) for his Nikon D80. I've now taken a number of pictures of me holding up a dry erase board that read:

    Hey Babe!
    I like you!
    A lot!
    You make the bad days Good, and the Good days GREAT!
    ...and I want to spend the rest of my life...
    Annoying the Shit out of you!
    (Picture of me holding the ring.)

    I'm really excited and I don't think she is going to see it coming. I told her I wanted to go out and take some pictures tonight while we still had some nice weather left (living in Michigan).

    We're going to go for a walk around the city to take pictures and then out to dinner. I think before we go to dinner I'm going to take her to a little park/fountain area we like to relax and people watch at and tell her to check the camera and see if we got any good pictures. When she scrolls through, hopefully she reads the message.

    Sadly the pictures didn't come out that great (I was in somewhat of a rush to get the pictures taken before she got home from work) and I have no skills with photoshop... but it's not that big of a deal. At first I wanted to try to photoshop myself into interesting places with the signs... but realized I just don't have the required skill set. Either way I'm really happy and wanted to share.

    Thanks for listening Reddit (or not... either way).

    EDIT: Thank you guys for all your support and suggestions. Tonight was absolutely one of the greatest nights of my life and everything went EXACTLY as planned. It literally could not have been more perfect. The weather was beautiful and I got to propose just as the sun was setting. She was sitting on the bench just outside the park/fountain... I gave her the camera and told her to scroll to the right... bent down to 'tie my shoe' prepped the ring and waited... she cried a little... but mostly just laughed.

    Thank you reddit... first for giving a shit... and second for letting me unload some of my excitement before actually proposing. It was an amazing feeling to be able to share it with you guys (albeit complete strangers).

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