For nearly 5 years, I have been enjoying my Canon 5D Mark II, but after recently purchasing Nikon's D800e, I can foresee wanting to send images off for professional quality printing services whereby my choice of print size very well could be up to 30"x40", especially, a print of that size our little Cockapoo puppy, "Maggie May"

I do have two questions to ask of you and they are: After I expend time working on an image in Lightroom 5, can a RAW image be sent out to a professional lab for enlarging into a nice enlarged print ? Secondly, would you be so kind to give me a name a good source (photo lab) ~ one which you have personally used yourselves that would provide this service for me ? I ask this because my sweet wife, Vicki, has been asking for me to provide a huge print of our "Maggie May" whereby it can be placed on display in our den

Here's Thanking You in advance for your helping me and please know that it's all my pleasure by having joined your group

Always, Best Regards,

~ Doug ~