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    canon A590 brightness problem

    Hi I'm having a poblem with my Canon PowerShot A590, and hoping I'll find someone familiar with it. The problem is with outdoor shots...even moderate sunshine or a white sky comes up as glare on photos. Blue skies are o.k. Obviosly I moved away from “Auto” (more on this mode later) and tried out the “P” mode, adjusted ISO and exposure...makes no difference. The example that I've loaded up, is this the best that this model is capable of, am I missing out on some settings or is it just that the camera is old?
    O.k., so on Auto...thisis supposed to be a point-and-shoot camera and every review writes it up as the “Bee's Knees”. My model gives dull photos and lacks detail on auto.
    So, folks, what's the deal? Can anybody help me out here please? Obliged
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