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    I own one of basic model EOS600D, want to upgrade the equipment

    Hello guys,

    sorry, I can't see any posts here.
    Currently, I have a basic EOS 600D DSRL cameras, I bought it four years ago, now the lens (kit lens) doesn't function good, I mean it can't focus correctly. I had disassembled the lens before, spent almost whole night to reassemble it.

    I am thinking to upgrade my photography gear, you know, maybe I should purchase the EOS 7D or EOS 70D. Nowadays, these cameras are offering discount. My question is how to choose between EOS 7D and EOS 70D.

    By the way, I use the camera to shoot products photos, I had setup a small but effective light room for shooting purpose.
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    Maybe just replace the kit lens, it sounds like you are happy with the results of product photos and your EOS 600D.

    You would probably get a much more accurate answer if you posted in the Canon forum on this site.
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    Sounds like sensible advice from Screenclutter if it's just the lens that's a problem. You could always try sending it in for repair although it may be better value putting your extra cash into upgrading to a better lens instead.
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