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    Which camera should I buy

    I see DCRP is closing so I guess I'm getting my question in just in time. I need something with image stabilization because I have essential tremor in my hands. I am over 60 and would prefer something under $150.00. I do have and have had inexpensive cameras because it has never been a big hobby. I will use the camera just for vacation or holidays or ebay. I would just like to be able to take a picture again that is not so blurry. Thank you for any and all suggestions because I hope to take advantage of some of the sales this weekend.

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    You could look for one of the Panasonic TZ series such as the TZ25. It's not the latest model so may well be in your price range on Friday The TZs are great all round travel cameras.
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    I'm guessing that after three months the Op probably has a new camera of some sort by now.

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    I prefer Canon PowerShot D20 Beacuse its best according to your requirements but yeah you need to extend your budget!!

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