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    Best wide angle lens for DX format Nikon?

    I have a D5200 and am looking for a nice solid wide angle lens to get for it. I am quite into prime lenses and was originally looking at the 28mm 1.8 nikon lens, but some reviews said it was not as good on the DX's.

    That being said, I really can't find much else in the line of wide angles for DX cameras.

    So does anyone know of good wide angle (Preferably Nikon) Lenses that are good and compatible with DX?
    Price range is about that same as the 28mm (Around 650 or below)

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    Pretty much any lens is compatible to DX. In fact an FX lens typically will exhibit better edge qualities, and lower vignetting due to the smaller target of the DX sensor.

    You probably should look at some of the 10-24, 12-24, 14-24 (or in that range) lenses. Not just from Nikon, but from Tamron, Sigma, etc.

    A decent, but not ultimate, source for info is photozone.de. And of course the photogs hanging around this thread.
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    I have a 10-24 f4 that I use on my D300 and it's probably my most used lens. It covers that 15-35mm short zoom full frame range very nicely.
    I also have a 10.5mm fish eye which gives a somewhat different view of the world but is handy at times and a 16-85VR which covers the 24-130mm FF range. Thom Hogan rates the 16-85 as the best DX zoom that Nikon make. My only real criticism of it is that it is subject to flare whenever the sun strikes the front element.
    If you really are a wide shooter and you know that the 10-24 is great, for a more general purpose lens the 16-85 would serve you nicely.

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    I have a Sigma 17-70 f2.8-f4 that I use on my D7100 (DX format) quite a bit and like it. I have used it to shoot a couple of weddings as well as scenics, particularly sunsets and like it.
    Not as pricey as some but at $500 it is still not cheap. depends on exactly what you want to do. It also works as a short Macro if you can get close to the subject and don't need 1:1 imagery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D70FAN View Post

    A decent, but not ultimate, source for info is photozone.de.
    The Sigma 8-16 received a good rating from photozone.de but it can't use filters.

    An advantage of using a Nikon wide angle is that ViewNX, provided for free by Nikon, does do some distortion correction. The D5200 also has this distortion control feature if you shoot your pictures in JPEG format. If you have imaging software like Lightroom or Photoshop, then there isn't as great of an advantage using a Nikon lens here. Be a bit wary updating firmware on your dSLR in the future if you get a non-Nikon lens, it is possible that lenses from third party lens manufacturers may have to also be updated to completely work on an updated Nikon camera. A recent Nikon update did render non-Nikon camera batteries useless.


    Sigma did recently tell buyers of its lenses that it would update its lenses for those who bought a D5300 or Df.

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