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    Lunar Eclipse... the sunrises projected

    On Tuesday (4/15/14) morning... around 2am, CST (<- because I'm not moving), there will be a LUNAR ECLIPSE.

    Just in case there is some confusion, a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse are two different events and cannot happen at the same time.

    A lunar eclipse is when the Earth blocks the Sun's rays going to the Moon and reflecting off it's surface. Due to the Earth's atmosphere, the sunlight is diffused and filtered... and it is projected onto the surface of the Moon, causing it to have an orange-ish cast.

    A solar eclipse is when the Moon gets between the Sun and the Earth and the moon physically blocks the sunlight going to the Earth. Because the Moon is much smaller than the Earth, the entire shadow moves across causing a definite perceived change in sunlight intensity. It should be stressed that you do not want to directly look at this kind of eclipse with the naked eye, or with sunglasses or directly photograph the sun without substantial light-reduction filtering, on the order of f/96.

    Unfortunately, in Chicago. the weather may not cooperate (rain/snow), at the time of this event, and it is going to be back down around freezing. (C'mon, already! Enough with the photographic challenges!)

    Anyway, I'm breaking out the telescope, again, and will try to capture the shot. The lens, itself, weighs about 12 pounds (5.5 kg) and the camera adds about 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg) more, requiring a substantial tripod. (Remember to tape at the legs joints, to provide a significant point of safety for long term shoots. Also, the use of the gimbal tripod head is also recommended with larger lenses, for ease of movement. Following the Moon is a constant effort. It does not just sit there, looking cute.

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    Throw a little luck my way, will ya? There's only so much camera to throw around.
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