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    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
    In the early part of the 21st century for manufacturers it's innovate or die and there are two major players in the camera industry who are definitely not innovating.
    Quote Originally Posted by D70FAN View Post
    Yes I saw that as I was perusing Jeff's preview of the D4s. I'm starting to see a disturbing lack of innovation pattern in Nikon's newer products. i.e D610, D4s, NX-whatever. Hopefully this is just a lull.
    I really don't think the camera manufacturer's know what to exactly do. The only pattern I am seeing is that they are trying to find an upscale market to cater their products to (e.g. Nikon Df and these related retro products, etc.) To me, Canon was at its "mass-market" peak when they had those sleek and stylish Powershot point-and-shoots from before 2007 that also were very pricey. Canon in my view started losing interest when camera prices started going down in the consumer market.

    It's also hard for manufacturers like Nikon to attract investors to would be willing to risk money for a gamble on innovation, when we have companies like Instagram and now WhatsApp being bought up for billions of dollars whose equipment and "infrastructure" costs are little more than offices, computer PCs and a internet connections.
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    Not to get too far off topic, but the last real innovation from Nikon was the CP990. I think that they should revisit that platform with current hardware and software platforms. The swivel head (works much quicker than an articulating LCD), compact design, and DSLR-like ergonomics set it apart from every other camera out there.

    As I've said before, I still use mine, primarily for macro shooting (focus' down to ~2cm).
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