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    I think it's time Jeff pulled the plug


    I really think that the time has come to pull the plug on this forum. The flow of posts has dried to a drought like trickle and there is no ongoing discussion or interest in any subjects.
    My proposal would be to announce a closing date for the forum, perhaps the anniversary of the end of the site and give people time to decide how thy want to stay in touch if they really do. With your permission a Google+ Community with DCResource in it's title would be one option.

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    I must admit to not being very active lately. I have to agree that the old place has grown terribly quite. Certainly cannot see why Jeff should keep spending money to keep it alive for the two dozen or so of us die hard.

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    Jul 2004
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    Well, it's not costing anything to host the forums, since the site archives are what makes up most of the traffic. I suppose the forums could be shut off and just archived, but some people out there may still want to post.

    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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    If it's not costing you anything then Jeff I'd vote for keeping it going. It may not be super busy but that's up to us contributors. Must admit it has become rather Nikon DSLR "Picture Of The Day" dominated. Again I suppose that's up to the rest of us to contribute more.
    Around every picture there's a corner & round every corner there's a picture
    - the fun's in finding them

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    Please keep them going. A few posts are better than none. It may pick up.
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