I bought one of these for true 1:1 macro shots with my D70 - heard/read a lot of good things about this lens. Unfortunately I find it overexposes under certain conditions - with and without flash, indoors and outdoors - not always, just sometimes. I can't quite pin it down. I know of one other 90mm Di owner with the same problem. This is a bummer because the lens is really well constructed and a pleasure to use. However you can't use the built-in flash when the lens is fully extended - (of course) it blocks the flash and creates a shadow in the image. From the feedback I've gotten so far, non-Di owners do not experience the overexposure phenomenon. Can anyone else comment on this from their own experience? I'm not having much luck with 1:1 macro lenses. The nikon 60mm Micro was nice (very touchy) but you must be VERY close to the subject. And I tried the Sigma 105 - very good images, very sloppy AF and an annoying AF/MF switchover design. I may have to go for the non-Di version of the Tamron. Anyway - comments appreciated.