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    Just because you have a small camera it doesn't mean that you can't pimp it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post

    sure, and thats a perfectly logical decision. but its no more logical or validated than somone choosing to sacrifice the holiday for the pro glass if they are so inclined.

    lol a very good point but here's the rub...who is shooting at night, apart from the comparatively tiny market of enthusiasts and pros ? i'll tell you who...people who go out, parties, night on the town, dinner etc. you dont see many camera bags at night do you ? it would be a bloody hard sell to be marketing a big bulky dslr to tke out with you to a party and pull it out of a backpack when you're girls in heels and you're in a suit. thats indeed where the smaller camera come into their own and are far more relevant.
    Vacations is where I draw my line for camera related hobby purchases. And as you mention, other hobbyists go for the gear. I'm not claiming any logic or validation in the case of hobbyists.

    I shouldn't have just said dSLRs, meant to include all the slimmer/smaller high performing cameras in my statement. I hardly see attractive ads that demonstrate the strength of any of these smaller/slimmer camera options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
    If you are determined to go that way I would be very carefully looking at the 24-120 f4 as an option unless you absolutely need f2.8.
    Thanks Rich, a good thought and believe me I've looked (and tried) several lenses. If I'm going to lay down $1200-$1500 (used), the 24-120 f/4 is not a close contender, as I look to use the lens on FX down-the-road as well. VR would be nice, but at 70mm not really a need.
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    Ha! See, I can change...


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