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YES. He even has a Canon!
I still have my Canon A610, I now only use it when I've been kayaking or on water. I still remember it's controls well enough such that I helped a coworker with her S100 a couple of days ago.

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not sure what you would mean by that. and where do you draw the line ?
In my case, given the choice of buying a couple of pro lenses and going on a vacation for a few weeks, I'd go on the vacation and use what I currently have.

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at half the price...absolutely. its a very interesting little thing. but is apparently plagued by AF issues. why they didn't use the 1 series AF into this baffles the mind.
It seems to me the dSLR, Coolpix and Nikon 1 divisions of Nikon don't seem to be well integrated.

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for me, this is a glass half full approach. what the camera companies are doing is appealing to as many particular segments as possible to differentiate their product and get people to buy into their system.
fierce competition !! as a consumer, that can only be a GOOD thing.
I agree with what you are saying. One of my issues however with these camera companies is that they are marketing these cameras very narrowly. If they want to show the strengths of their products, they should, for example, do family pictures in low light situations, or show action pictures that our iPhones or whatever point-and-shoot struggle to capture. Or having one of these slim Fuji X100s or Coolpix A cameras being pulled out of a girl's purse to capture quality pictures of her and her friends in a clubbing environment.

What ads do I most frequently see? dSLRs being used in bright daylight where the dSLR wouldn't make that great of difference.

(We know Nikon is capable of making brilliant ads like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Npf9-70J9Q)