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    Almost lost images...

    So, like my relatively large 4TB image-collection hard drive went on the fritz... and I thought I had lost all my important and worked on images! Bad news, right? Well, in the past, that may have been the case.

    But then, I remembered that President Obama said that all of our Internet traffic and phone calls were being recorded without our knowledge or permission... for National Defense, right, in a total preemption of our Constitutional First and Fourth Amendment rights. How handy!

    After calling the White House switchboard, they quickly referred me to the very helpful National Security Agency (NSA) and I not only got all of my images back, but I got a few of the neighbor's images, too, as a bonus! What swell folks these are. To think of all the money I am saving not having to use any backup software, having the US Government doing it for me, for free. The government records are forever!

    I say "Hooray for the new USA!" Record me, baby! You saved my rear-end for sure!

    Let's face it, we're all going to be cyber-history and didn't even know it, until a few days ago.
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