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    Olympus PEN E-PM 1 or Canon Powershot S110

    Hello everyone, I hope all is well.

    Camera Type

    We have been shopping around for what will be our first better-than-really cheap camera. We want something small, pocket-sized or a bit bigger, a camera that does a lot of the work for us (we are not photographers), something quick and with clear images. Both of these cameras --the Olympus PEN E-PM 1 and the Sony Powershot S110-- seem to have similar features and both receive great reviews. We like the simplicity of both of these cameras, the wide LCD screen, and the video function. They are also both in our price range.


    We travel quite a bit and so we really want something that is portable and easy to fly (or bus, or walk, or travel-by-train) with. We really only use our camera while traveling and we certainly take care of or stuff. At this point we don't have any intention on buying accessories beyond flash cards and a camera case, so we want the camera that we buy to be versatile 'as is' without the need for additions. Our price is between the $300 - $400 range, not a lot I know, but these two cameras have repeatedly been recommended to us and the reviews are great for them both as well.


    Again, we would be using this will traveling mostly, so versatility is the name of the game. Indoor/outdoor, daylight/nighttime, action/still shots, occasional videos. We would mostly be sharing our images on a computer screen, although we do print off 'frameable' shots from time to time.

    Please let me know your thoughts on these two cameras. Any experience with either of them? Does one come more highly recommended than the other and why? Is there another camera that we should be thinking about instead giving the above criteria, etc. etc. I look forward to your responses. Thanks.

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    Well, these are not at all similar cameras. The Olympus is a compact mirror less camera that uses interchangeable lenses. The Canon is a good quality point and shoot style camera. Both take good photos, but the Olympus images will be much better especially at higher ISOs. A more comparable Olympus would be the XZ-2 which is thief top end point and shoot.

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