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    spedlins Guest

    Arrow BestChoiceDigital.com

    Has anyone bought from BestChoiceDigital.com? They are based in NYC and post very low prices on their digital cameras.

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    I am interested in buying a Sony V3. I did a search on Google(Froogle) and found A&M Photo World. They are selling for the ridiculously low price of $349, over $200 less than average. Luckily, Google has a link where you can read some reviews from ResellerRatings.com. After reading there and here I found out they are one of the biggest crooks in America. One of the dissatisfied customers though, said he ended up buying his camera from BestChoiceDigital.com for just $5 more then A&M advertised for, calling BestChoice, "a real company that knows what they are doing." I checked BestChoice and the price for the V3 is $379, still a great price. Is this to good to be true? It sure sounds like it. I'll do some more checking up, but if anybody has any experience with this company, I would love to here it.

    By the way, not all their camera prices are great.
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    I've read alot of complaints about NY camera dealers. I get the impression that only one or 2 resellers in that area are reputable. One of the "good ones" is B & H Photo, where I bought my camera, online.
    My impression is that super low prices practically ensure a high stress, rip-off experience. The nightmare stories I've heard are definately NOT worth saving $10, $20, or even $50. Buyer beware!!!

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    I checked up on ResellerRatings.com and this company is another crook. You'll get the e-mail to call them back and they will try to upsell you on all the accessories and warranty. Apparently, even if you call and ask before buying, they will lie to you and tell you that everything comes with your camera including warranty.

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    gomberg Guest

    Question I don't trust them....

    They promised me I would get my Canon 20D in 3-4 weeks, but the price was so low I bet this turns out to be BS. Fortunately I am not counting on them. If I remember I will post at the end of the four weeks if they came thru.

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    Stay clear

    I too was shopping for a camera, Nikon Coolpix 8800 and looked at most of the on-line places in NYC that, if you read there ratings are rip-off, bait and switch artists. I wound up buying from BUYDIG and couldn't be happier. The savings are not worth the head aches. There are a few good one's out there..just make sure you check there ratings.
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    Not all the online retailers based in New York are bad. I bought my Canon A95 from 17th St. Photo in New York, which has excellent ratings, and they did not try to upsell me, sent me a perfect camera, sent it earlier than I was expecting it, and accepted a return for one of the accessories (I didn't like the camera case I'd ordered) with no problem whatsoever.

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    It's a scam website.

    Check these people's experiences with them:


    My advise: stay out of it!

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    Corsa Guest

    CRIMINAL FRAUDS: BestChoiceDigital; Brooklyn, New York City

    This is my first Internet posting & first time to purchase a Digital Camera over the Internet. I am writing this message to benefit other people. My attorney does not advise public disclosure while litigation is pending. However, even though it could hurt me, I want to do the right thing & disseminate helpful & timely information. Hopefully, I will not be crucified too much for taking that path.

    Last week, I asked for a price estimate on accessories along with a Canon EOS-20D that BestChoiceDigital was selling for half-price ($750 vs. $1500). They required that I give my credit card number before they would send the invoice-proposal. I later discovered after-the-fact that the factory lens was not included in the 1/2 price special. They pluck it right out of the box.

    The itemized pricing never came & when I called to complain, they overnighted a SIGMA lens package along with the camera. The name SIGMA was never even mentioned during any of our communications! They charged me $400 for shipping from New York City. The amount charged to my credit card was $6300. Many items on the packing list were missing. Of course, I never even ordered any of the items in the first place!

    Stalling tactics went-on for days by BestChoiceDigital. The Invoice noted a 10% restocking fee + loss of shipping charges. BestChoiceDigital said that they would charge me a 50% restocking fee & even MORE if my attitude did not improve. When queried about why they would never send me an itemized estimate, they barked: "You don't need an estimate in advance because we don't make mistakes."

    I was told to not worry about the $400 charge because it was for their "Insurance Purposes." They inflate the bill & pad it in such a way that whenever they claim a shipping loss, they can get more money back from the Insurance Carrier than what they actually lost. In my case, "I had to worry" because they did indeed charge my credit card the $400. Furthermore, they also now claim that I will never see the money back because it is considered to be a "shipping charge," which is never refundable.

    Credit card companies will not ordinarily credit-back full refunds. They allow merchants to keep shipping & restocking fees. At this time, BestChoiceDigital is demanding that I take a 15% loss + forfeit any shipping charges ($400). I refused. As a result, they refuse to tell me the return address or provide a return authorization number.

    Supposedly, credit card companies have a clause to allow the overriding of a merchant's internal policies & procedures if the case is laden with many mistakes or glaring wrongdoings as is my case. Despite that, the Card Company usually can't collect everything back from the Merchant's bank. That is why the Card Company partially aligns itself with dishonest merchants. A full refund for me means a potential partial loss for my Card Company. That's why they pressure a Cardholder to accept unfair compromises like the $2000 loss scheme BestChoice Digital is proposing.

    Had I received the price estimate in a timely manner, none of this mess would be unfolding now. BestChoiceDigital deliberately used delaying tactics to preemptively block my ability to stop payment. Only after their bank was paid did they enact phase 2 of their scam by shipping the merchandise that I never ordered.

    These guys are professional con-artists & know how to subvert the legal system. They are arrogant & in-your-face too. The one Manager even uttered under his breath that I am "A Weird One." He deliberately "misunderstood things" & tried to engineer an escalated verbal conflict. He tried really hard to get me started with 4-letter words. However, I kept my cool & responded only in decent & rightful ways.

    Anyway, I had no choice but to contact the offices of Eliot Spitzer, the New York Attorney General. I have filed legal paperwork & await the outcome of that.

    BestChoiceDigital asserts that I have only 7 days to return the merchandise. I am still in that window of opportunity but will probably not be later this week. As mentioned earlier, they will not give return authorization or the proper return shipping address unless I sign their documents nullifying my legal rights to a full refund.

    This is one of the most time consuming, heartbreaks that I have ever suffered at the hands of a merchant. Even worse, the Credit Card company is mostly interested in their "bottom line" & not justice in general. They very narrowly define the term FRAUD. They claim it to be a charge you known nothing about. In this case, since I had some interaction with the merchant, I have just about lost my rights to claim FRAUD... even though it really is.

    Hopefully, Spitzer will come through for me. I became disabled lately & am not at work. My family is devastated by the threat of a huge monetary loss. Even $1000 would be hard for me to endure. If the world operated by Principles, I would not have to worry now. However, "Bottom Lines" seem to be the prevailing credo these days.

    Spread the word about BestChoiceDigital throughout the land. I am educating people over E-mail & plan to discuss my case over the radio waves in a few days.

    I only wish that I had found this website before I made that fateful call...



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    Good luck Corsa!

    Go get em!

    Best of luck to you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

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