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    We were too worn out to do any further museums so I gave the family a bit of time at the hotel mid day. I tried to do the Holocaust Museum on my own but when I got there I found out they allocated visiting times and wanted me to wait an hour before I could go in so I gave up the idea.

    We at least ducked out mid afternoon to do a little shop browsing and have tea which in the heat meant a McDonalds ice cream so we set the GPS. The subtle drawback of the GPS is it simplifies every decision to what's closest with no other regard such as social factors. Part way through eating our ice creams I heard from behind me a condescending reference to "Mr & Mrs Whitey slumming it". I looked around and noticed yes we did stand out from everyone else in the packed establishment. I guess what I'm saying is I'm missing the good old multicultural Australia that I'm used to. Finding oneself unwelcome because of ones race is unpleasant and not something I've experienced anywhere else in the world. Unusual and sad to experience this in the city that actually proclaimed "that all men are created equal and have inalienable rights" (I was at Lincolns memorial reading it last night). I feel sorry for any Americans that I believe must experience racism daily. The experience was a learning opportunity and lends credence to what the Californian pool woman observed recently in the south when she visited where she grew up. PS I'm sure glad that due to pure chance I didn't take a laptop into the Maccas to use their free wi-fi. Lastly the place had a begger (who appeared intellectually disabled) inside it scrounging for peoples left overs.

    We finished with a very pleasant mass marketed Italian meal (where we weren't quite the only white folks) with exceptional service that had plenty of interesting tastes and indicated an unexpected cultural attachment to very cheesy pasta. I wish I'd tried a pricier joint to see if this postulate holds true at the higher end eateries.

    Today I am missing home and especially my own disabled children that I've left in a respite home. I can't wait to pick them up and take them home with me. I think I've been on holiday too long.
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