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    I was so stressed with the credit card D70 that I wouldn't have made it. We tried for an Italian place near our cheap hotel but they wanted $35 per main so we ate in a pleasant 50's diner instead. Now if the trip had gone to plan without the damn bank then I would have been in the Pyramid for 2 nights and would have happily gone to your Italian joint and really enjoyed Vegas.

    Today's post, I'm sorry but also without photos till I add them tomorrow. It's stay up processing photo's for posting or hit the sack early and wake for dawn over the Grand Canyon (leaving the kids in bed) - guess which alternative is going to win.

    We drove the short distance from Boulder city to the Hoover Dam, parked and walked around a bit. We all decided we didn't feel like paying $30 a head to do the dam tour since we were time poor and had only just been inside an excellent hydro scheme in last years holiday in New Zealand (the tour to the generating room was included in the Doubtful Sound cruise). I'm sorry but I was underwhelmed by the Hoover, again because it's so famous and held as a wonder of the industrial age I expected too much. I prefer my memory of Australia's Hume Dam though I'm sure the stats for the Hoover outdo it and it's just a visual or mnemonic trick that makes the Hoover appear less impressive to me.

    We then did the 3.5 hr drive to the Grand Canyon to look at yet more rocks. We did bits via Route 66 to add some fun to the drive. Very spectacular and it's not hard to see the immense scale of the thing. I kept the family waiting on the cliff face for a couple hours while the sun set and I tried to get something better than a snapshot. We'll see if I succeeded when I process them tomorrow.

    Capped it all off with dinner at the Yippee-Ei-O Steakhouse on the canyon side of Tusayan. I strongly recommend nobody ever eat there. It was my first experience of a US eatery where the tip is fixed and mandatory and it explains to me why some people defend the US tipping system so vehemently. The service was slow, the veggies originated as reject quality even before the cook boiled the poor buggers to death, the meal was our most expensive in the US and most significantly they overcooked each steak by at least 1 category if not 2. My medium was pretty close to well done. How can a steakhouse not understand the categorization system for cooking steaks. At no point did any staffer ask "did you enjoy the meal" or "how was it" - I know why, they'd be sick of getting a mouthful of truthful feedback in response to the question.

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