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I've gone back over the last couple days and added photos to those old posts now that the net is working from this hotel and the jeff has restored functionality after the server migration.

Here's a teaser from San Fran. I couldn't believe how cheap grog is in the states even though K1W1 had said I'd be pleasantly surprised. Ssil2000 from this forum unfortunately gave me a taste for good bourbon when I did him a favour and he gave me a bottle of this stuff in Aus. I saw it way up on the top shelf in a San Fran liquor store and bought it for the benign price of $40 + tax (about 1/2 the aussie price). It was funny watching the store owner make a big deal of getting a ladder to get it down. Now this heathen is sculling it in quantity mixed with coke - but at least I have a big smile on my dial
So excited to see that pic. That's my favorite bourbon. I live pretty close to the distillery, and it's even cheaper and more readily available around here, usually between $25-$30 USD
Please...no mixing it with anything but ice!! You might get shot for mixing it with coke around here lol
So glad you & your family are enjoying your trip. Stay safe out there!