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Beaut news D70 then if Jeff is looking into it, I tried logging into Flickr this morning and it was doing my head in.

Today was a very relaxing drive from Bass Lake into the southern most tip of Yosemite with a couple short walks and a fancy lunch before returning home to our resort, lounging in the pool and basically relaxing.

The kids thanked me for having a slower relaxing holiday where I wasn't pushing them into the car as much as NZ. Ironic and I'll see if they're singing the same tune after 7hr's in the car between Sequoia & Las Vegas.

Let's see if the photos post. I have really dodgy internet access here at the Pines Resort Yosemite though.
Glad you had a relaxing day. Your schedule is pretty grueling. I hope your kids know that this is an adventure of a lifetime.

Internet access in most national parks is pretty dodgy as they are typically at the far end of a DSL switch. Vegas is a different story.

Post away.