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I still can't upload images, anyone else having problems? I'm getting behind in my posting now.

We had fun in San Fran today, you can't even scratch the surface of this city in 2 days. With the benefit of hindsight I reckon I'd need 1 week to feel I'd seen anything meaningful and 2 weeks to do it justice. Oh well off to Yosemite tomorrow on this crazy whirlwind ride through the USA.

I tried for your Italian place K1W1 but just ran out of luck and time. We only just made the pre booked Alcatraz ferry by 5 mins by jumping off our tour bus and grabbing a frantic cab ride across town in peak hour. Dragging kids across lanes of traffic to jump into the cab I hailed was an experience for them as working for the Highways Dept I'm usually unbelievably safety first.

Best bits of today were Alcatraz according to my son or the bus ride across the Golden Gate it you were to ask me. We also saw a wax works and put lots of time and effort into just seeing lots of the city. It all gave us some nice variety. Wish I could post photos.

Yup. It is quite the city. Too bad Lucas wasn't there to show you around. Incidentally, it was a glorious day here yesterday as well. But with Yosemite, Sequioa, and The Canyon yet to see, pay no attention to the rear-view mirror.

... and happy belated Mothers Day to your spouse.