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    Quote Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
    I'd say go for a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. It's one of the best things I've ever done. Far better than a theme park ride. We didn't land on the floor of the Canyon as it was more expensive but if I was doing it again I would book a flight that did.
    Certainly food for thought, since a 4-7day rafting tour is a little impractical, and the hike to the river, and back, is pretty demanding. Shooting from the helo presents some interesting challenges. Be prepared to drop some serious coinage ($).

    I just liked to hike the Rim Trail (about 26 miles total) all the way to Desert View. If you get tired and want to hitch a ride to the next point then there are also shuttle bus points as well. Bring plenty of water. If possible stay at The Canyon and catch the evening and morning light. Also I recommend entering the park from Williams, when you arrive, and exiting at the South entrance heading to Flagstaff. Several interesting Native American souvenir stands to peruse.

    It's one of the places I truly miss having easy access to since moving back to CA.
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