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    Dreads Big USA Holiday

    I know this a photography forum not a holiday blog ... but Jeff can you live with me posting a few photos each day as I travel across the USA (from LA to NY) with a few words about my experience?

    I'm also keen to get a bit of travel advice both as I go and as I plan.

    So assuming this is ok as a thread and that since all photo's will be taken with a Nikon D800, D300 or D90 the Nikon section is an ok place for the thread (or psuedo blog) here goes some questions:

    I'm not trying to make an exhaustive list but I'm looking for a few teasers around which to build my route plan - which I'll flesh out in more detail when I'm actually in the area. So here's what I have so far:

    LA: Sunset Boulevard, a themed tour of some kind eg movie set locations, Disneyland, San Fransisco: Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley

    Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley

    Winslow Meteor crater

    New Mexico:
    Gila Cliff Dwellings, White Sands Missile Range

    Glen Rose Dinosaur prints

    I haven't found much yet between Oklahoma and Chicago - has anyone got some point form suggestions (so I know what to google)?
    In Oklahoma, due to a lack of better ideas I'm considering doing Route 66 historical Americana stuff and Indian culture

    Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, Museum of Natural History, sky scrapers

    National Aircraft Museum

    New York:
    Niagara, B&H, Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Museums
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