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    SONY follow-through

    For those who do not realize it, when you invest in your first DSLR-type of camera, you are "marrying" yourself to a "relationship" with a "SYSTEM." It is not
    the typical "one-item" purchase, such as a cell phone, gaming-station or Point&Shoot camera.

    Initially, you have the base-camera and then you begin to slowly add item after item, to build it into your dream-image capture system. It is not an overnight process,
    to be sure... and usually requires significant cash investment and negotiation with your significant other to spend these rather sizable funds (this part of the hobby is,
    usually, quite ugly). You will be dedicated to using a specific lens mount and, initially, the electronic flash offerings that work with that particular "system" that you
    decided to go with. In other words, unless you want to waste a ton of money in a nasty "divorce", you are SO stuck with what you decided upon!

    Currently (and over the past three years), SONY has overtly embarked at cleverly (or otherwise) divorcing itself from the original Minolta-style ALPHA-system that
    "brought it to the dance," so to speak. They have pushed ahead and introduced an entirely new mounting system for their own style of lensing, are abandoning the
    Minolta-1995 proprietary flash shoe, are returning to ISO-style flash devices and have totally removed the flip-up mirror portion of the DSLR resulting in
    exclusive use of "mirrorless" or DSLT technology.

    Looking back at these changes, tends to make you suspicious of where all your rapidly aging expensive equipment investment is going to wind up.

    Well, here's a really clear image for ya...

    Name:  trash-heap.jpg
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    THIS is the near-future nightmare that is closing in on the past decade of your SONY investment. I know, I am living it.

    Look around, fellow investor... maybe you can find a "SONY-to-SONY" adapter to try and put this "marriage-from-hell" back together.
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