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    SONY flash options

    It has gotten to the point where you cannot tell a player without a scorecard. I mean, come on. As it now appears, you cannot consistently use an existing SONY flash properly throughout the SONY system. You need easily misplaced adapters!

    SONY is releasing all upcoming models (SLT-a58) of their cameras with the "new" ISO-style flash hot shoe, which came in on the SLT-a99. This is designed for direct use with the "new" HVL-F60AM. Fine, you pop for another $600 for fully compliant external flash operation. The new flash costs as much as the camera!

    What this really implies is "problematic" flash operation with the $300-$500 electronic SONY/Minolta flashes you probably already own. The biggest problem experienced is with the "adapter" you will have to employee to get the older flash to even trigger. You may even experience restricted operation of the HVL-F56AM or HVL-F58AM.

    I do not know about you guys, but IMO this solution stinks and leaves very few options to the existing flash gear you already have invested thousands of dollars into. Opinions may differ, but I am not seeing a "bright side" to your investment.
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