If the forum is to continue as you have indicated it will I believe that as it will no longer be associated with the DCRP web site and as the active membership is small a major simplification is in its best interest.

Get everybody together and get all those remaining talking to each other rather than as at the moment closeted in their own little brand specific domains.

I propose that there should only be a few categories as follows;

Introductions - where new members can say hi. Hopefully this will become a busy place.

General - any general photography chat.

Hardware - questions or advice or tips and tricks relating to hardware. all bands together.

Software - the software version of hardware.

Pictures - a place where pictures can be posted so you could for example have the Canon picture of the day and the Nikon picture of the day threads one above the other.

There could be a couple of sub groups I guess like landscape pictures or portraits but I wouldn't want to see more than a couple.

Forums need a sense of activity to thrive and with the remaining tiny membership it will be important for there to be an appearance of activity to keep the place going.

Old no longer relevent sections and threads could be posted to an archive area where they could be locked and still visible to search engines.