July - Tuxedo Kitty - This one pretty much speaks for itself
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August - Tilt Shift Arrives - We actually got a decent sunset this evening, but it was a less than spectacular location. Here's another weird portrait of my wife.
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September - Alviso - Finally photography season is here! This shot is another product of the drought. Down in San Jose some of the lakes completely dried out leaving some rad foregrounds. I was only able to make it down there a couple times before the rains came. This was my first trip to the Alviso and it just happened to coincide with one of the best sunsets of the year.
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October - Golden Gate - Almost every Bay Area shooter wants to have some foggy Golden Gate Bride shots in their portfolio and I'm no different.
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November - Fitz Roy, Patagonia - This is my favorite shot from our trip to Argentina. One 2 week trip to Patagonia and I've spent more time there than in Yosemite. I tend to take Yosemite for granted because it's easy to get to. Hopefully I can take more advantage in the future.
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December - Oregon Coast - We finished up the year with a couple road trips. This shot is from a gorgeous spot just across the Oregon border. Glad to have finally broken the ice with one of the most beautiful states around.
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That's it!