How about posting 12 shots from 2012? Anyone up for posting one per month as a look back at 2012.
Here's my offering to kick things off.

January - my favourite local water mill converted to sepia.
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February - just liked the way the bumpy snow turned out in this one.
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March - had a great time at Focus on imaging, two beautiful models Ola and the OM-D. Didn't come home with either unfortunately
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April - Hardwick Hall in the distance.
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May - reworked misty sunrise with lots of composition help from forum friends.
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June - holiday in Malta, it's a lovely place will definitely go back. Too many shots to choose from but went with this as my first attempt to capture a "blue hour" shot
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July - just liked the natural light falling on this begonia flower.
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August - this was a spur of the moment thought to see if I could get a magnified macro through water drops. The combination with the background worked much better than I'd expected.
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September - finally got a bug shot with my 35mm macro without it flying off.
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October - not a particularly brilliant shot but a fun memory for me of Top Gear Live. The thought of a Lambo tractor still tickles me.
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November and December to follow