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    I have heard that Apple are working on integrating stylus control as well as fingers for future iPads. How true that is I don't know but for things like graphics I think it would be very useful.

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    I use my Nexus 7 for quick reviews as well. It is too small for serious editing, but fun to use for quick posts and uploads from my Eye-Fi card in the XZ-1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
    Lightroom is a data base based XML program how do you expect to integrate the catalogues between an iPad and a computer when you can't even automatically sync between two computers or across a network?
    We're looking at new automotive shop management software on Monday that integrates between iPads, Android devices, a variety of scan tools, the service managers system and the parts system. Don't know how they're doing it, as I've never done any iPad development, but all the tools appear to be in place on the iPad to allow pretty much anything. So doing a lightroom style app with integration to a PC should be possible.

    Irregardless, it doesn't exist right now. Besides, I agree with the idea of an iPad not being a serious photo editting tool. I was just excited about the prospect of being able to use it as a large extension of my cameras LCD screen.
    Critique most definitely desired...

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