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    Desperately need help with my Canon Rebel XTi, Having Compact Flash Issues!!

    I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XTI and had no problems with it. It had a 1 gig Compact Flash and we were getting ready to go on Vacation to the Oregon Coast so I bought a 4gig card and I specifically made sure that it was for my camera and the new one says Compact Flash Error replace card or remove battery? So then I decided to clear the 1 gig card and put it back in and the viewing screen won't come on now?

    I have no idea what happened, all I did was switch cards and now I cannot get my camera to work! I have even tried to format the new card but it just says it's busy then error

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    I would try removing the battery for a while and when you put it back see what happens.

    I would have also thought a 4GB would be ok; you could try formatting them on the PC first and then format them again in the camera.

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