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    ralphac Guest

    Which camera would be best for macro use

    I have been using a Nikon CoolPix 5000 since they first came out, around 2002/3 for macro photography shooting close up pictures of collector coins. While the pictures I get from it are OK I would like to upgrade to a newer point and shoot camera that would provide better results. Besides wanting better results the camera must be able to use a remote wire or wireless shutter, fully rotatable LCD and have an A/C adapter available to buy. At present I must use the CoolPix by a window for light because everything I've tried does not provide good photos with any other light source.
    Canon recommended their powershot SX 50, Nikon recommended their 7700. I would like to stay with a point and shoot and keep the cost down to $400 ish, if the recommendation is especially good for macro photography, then any brand will do!

    What ever the recommendation, the camera will most likely spend 90% of it's life on my old "enlarger" now a heavy duty up and down adjustable camera stand.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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