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    Jun 2006
    This is sad news. I'm happy you will still be working but your reviews were always the best on the net. I'm also a member at your new home but will miss this site immensely.

    Good luck, God bless.

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    Well I'll keep dropping in while this place is still open. Glad you were able to extend the life of the forums a while longer Jeff. Keep us posted on the new job & life in Seattle.
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    Dear Jeff,

    it is with mixed emotions that I compose this message. The closure of DCRP was an event I had been dreading for a while. The nature of today's world has ensured the inevitability of that outcome, and we shall be poorer for it. On the other hand, it's a relief to know you will still be active and gainfully employed at DPReview. Your contributions there will elevate its value.

    From someone who has always consulted your insightful reviews before making a camera purchase or recommendation, I wish you nothing but the best.



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    I am sorry to see you close, but I certainly understand the decision 100%.

    I am glad you have found a new home. I love your reviews, they provide so much useful information. One of the biggest things I have always liked from your reviews has been your examination of the red-eye performance of cameras. That has influenced my buying more than once.

    I hope you will keep that and other details in your review at your new job.

    Good luck, all your work has been appreciated.

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    Des Plaines, IL

    Historical reference... as a true resource

    Jeff, I want to thank you for putting up with a forum of users, malcontents and viciously/voraciously interested photography people and their ilk. To me, DCRP was almost a daily diet of interest, discussion, opinion and pontification (with my near 10000 posts).

    I really did not use much of the rest of the forum, as the SONY DSLR forum was my key interest and focal point, as SONY carried on with the Minolta line, in 2006, with the advent of the SONY a100.

    To me, as I look back on the hopes and dreams of the multitude, I truly believe that SONY has let a lot of people down, with their ambitious pursuit of the "movie masses" and seemingly disregarding the "professional-level" interests in the camera line. As such, in my opinion, they butchered the a99 into something I neither desire or would sink my $3000 into. Perhaps, it is the end of the line.

    The a900 (2007) paved the way forward as a Full Frame DSLR and it just needed better noise and ISO response in its sensor, to really make it a terrific and truly competitive camera. What we got in 2012 was an a850-version (pared down a900) of a glorified SLT a77 APS-C camera. It's just not enough of an advancement in a still camera to be attractive to me. I do not make movies.

    Of course, the SONY DSLR forum was where this debate took place and, remarkably, the response was... somewhat dispassionate. After six-years of arguing about the merits of having movie capability in the DSLR/DSLT... you have quite a history of the event. The loss of this online reference, would be, tragic.

    Some may argue, otherwise, but I contend that the value of today's Internet is as a reference tool, not simply an entertainment/distraction source. Whether some appreciate it or not, you have done a solid service to the public with the DCRP, by keeping the folks informed and caring about the still evolving world of photography. While many do not participate, many do still read (unlogged in) when they eventually search for knowledge. That service would continue to be invaluable to many.

    While I understand that some changes are for the best, the loss of data seems to not fall into that category.
    I hope you understand my point.

    Don Schap
    DCRP Member... and contributor
    Don Schap - BFA, Digital Photography
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    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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    Don you may dissagree but one good thing that Sony has done recently is to throw a lifeline to Olympus with that sensor in the OM-D and the new Pens. Maybe there will be some influence coming the other way in return that may go someway to satisfying your requirements from future Sony cameras.

    Also your points about DCRP as a valuable resource are well made.
    Around every picture there's a corner & round every corner there's a picture
    - the fun's in finding them

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    I'm a little lost for words....

    Firstly...thank you Jeff for everything you have given us through honest and relevant reviews. Your reviews were always simple to read and understand for noobs like me while real life examples made comparisons a piece of cake. Best of luck for a new beginning at DPreview.

    Secondly...if this forum does cease to exist down the road...I'd like to thank everyone who had to deal with my stupid and pointless questions. I know I've had many of those throughout the years and everyone has always been quite patient with me. All of you in some way or another have inspired me with your thorough understanding and brilliant images. Thank you.

    Looking back...it's kinda funny that I've grown into a full fledged photographer now seeing how daft I was earlier and honestly it would not have been possible without this site. I'm sad to see this place go...and would love to see the forum continue to function.

    p.s. I'm not going to DPreview....that place is scary.
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    Faisal I'm sure I'm not alone in considering it a pleasure to have watched you develop from (being a blunt Aussie I'll say) humble beginnings to the inspiring work you produce today.
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    As a fellow UCSD grad, congratulations on your move and best of luck. This site will be missed by many.

    I for one started participating in the forums after reading your camera reviews which I found to be the best, most understandable, and user friendly on the web. Your reviews helped me immensely when it came time to upgrade and I was trying to make the decision as to which full frame digital camera I wanted to go with.

    This forum and its members provided a great place to learn, share photography and develop comraderie. It helped me learn a lot and enjoy the discussions with others.
    Darin Wessel
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcon View Post
    As for a memory, when i joined, it was to read your review of the Panasonic FZ20. Without reading the rules.... I PM'd you asking for your opinion on which was better the FZ15 or the FZ20. Had i read the rules, i would've seen you don't answer those! My bad! LOL

    My photography life has completely blossomed from an enthusiast to someone that does this for a living, and i owe a big thank you to you, this site and the guys over in the Nikon DSLR forum. It was actually Coldrain that suggested my first DSLR.....a Nikon D50, and i haven't looked back.
    My situation pretty much mirrors "jcon's"

    Bought my first "real" camera (FZ20) after reading reviews and opinions on this forum. It was this forum that helped me decide between an upgrade to an FZ50 or move to the world of DSLR. Like "jcon", Coldrain had a big influence in my final decision ...but I went down the path of the Canon 400D.

    Because of this forum I was introduced to the World Renowned "CW" and signed up for a photography course run by him so I could learn how to take my new DSLR off manual mode.

    This forum (its Members) was there for me when I had lots of questions, helped me better my photography skills, gave encouragement and critique.

    This forum helped me to decide on an upgrade to a Canon 50D....lots of lenses....lots of accessories...lots of bags. And finally, this forum, helped my in my latest upgrade to a Canon 5D Mkiii.

    Come to think of it...this forum has cost me alot of money :-)

    But what a great time it has been. Thankyou Jeff....and good luck with your next adventure.

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