Mixed emotions from me, sad to see the site go but really pleased to know that youv'e got a great new start sorted out Jeff at DPR. I stumbled over this site when I was looking for a digital camera to take to the Grand Canyon for my 50th birthday trip of a lifetime. Excellent resource that pointed me to getting an FZ20 and capturing some shots of the US I'm still really proud of. That association has continued since and really my rekindled love of photography was definitely down to this site and that camera. Time to step up to a dslr and it was Jeff's reviews that sorted my decision on an Olympus E510. Not the conventional choice I know but one that has fitted well with my needs for the last 5 years. My post rate has dropped off a bit recently as I found an equally friendly Olympus forum but I still call in daily to see what's going on with the "old friends" I've never met. So a new job and a new home Jeff, quite an exciting New Year for you. Nothing you don't deserve though from the hard work and dedication you've put in here. I hope you manage to keep your brand independant integrity at DPR and can keep us posted on how things develop on the DPR forum you talked about. Have a great Christmas and a good holiday before starting afresh in Feb. Best Christmas wishes to all those on this forum too and hope to see you all on DPR in the New Year.