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    Yes, thank for the hard work and dedication, Jeff.

    Also, Rooz, don't forget that International Man of Mystery, Firearms Expert, and Photographer Extraordinaire: Rhys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    Wow. That's pretty big. Congratulations I suppose is in order. Aswell as thank you for providing the forum all this time.

    My favorite moments here are all about the characters we have posted with.

    razr educating us on lens aperture. That was so bizarre and funny at the same time i almost peed my pants laughing. link is here:
    funniest thread of all time.

    Don's rabid Sony fanboyism followed by incessant whining about Sony not having developed a dslr that could teleport you to mars or not having the nuclear launch codes was great stuff.

    Coldrain arguing with anything and anyone.
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