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    Canon SX50 Review thanks and typos

    Thanks for getting the Canon SX50 review done! I've been wanting to compare it to the Panasonic FX200, so this review will help a lot. Just wanted you to know--in a number of places the text says PowerShot G15 rather than PowerShot SX50. You might want to consider correcting those typos before sending the review off to DPreview. Nice job on the review, though!

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    Jeff unfortunately I find I can't even get into the review page for some reason. Perhaps you're in there tweaking things. At this moment it is 12/13 at 10:24am PST.

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    Thanks pfussell, those were fixed earlier today.

    DC, are you still having trouble?
    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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    The SX50 is indeed very impressive,
    but to call it a DSLR replacement is going too far.
    Large zoom, Hot-shoe and RAW support taken into account, the SX50 is still built around a 1/2.3” sensor, so it will never replace any DSLR.

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