I am an amateur photographer. My most common shooting situation is indoors in relatively poor light (family gatherings, church functions, social settings). But, I am somewhat knowledgeable about the theory of photography and I like to play around with landscapes, macro and other other nature/artistic photography when I get a chance. Being able to stick a camera in my pocket is a priority, otherwise I forget to take it places.

My current camera is a Canon Digital ELPH SD1300IS (12MP, 4X optical zoom). I've been fairly disappointed with its indoor performance. On automatic it defaults to low ISO and slow shutter speeds, and even then is noticeably grainy even without cropping. I want to upgrade, my budget is around $150 tops.

I was very impressed with a Canon Powershot SX110 that a friend was using at a church function, with 10X zoom, low light and no flash he got very good photos of the event speaker from across the room. I was looking at the more current models SX150 ($99 at Target) or SX160, but a lot of reviews suggest it is very slow, relatively poor image quality and a battery hog. And it's kind of big for a pocket.

Based on the reviews and comments here and elsewhere I pretty much settled on the Lumix ZS15.

Then I read the glowing review of the SD1300 on this site from 2010 and I'm really starting to wonder if all these pocket point and shoots are basically the same. Will I really get improved performance (especially indoors, family events, active grandkids, etc) by upgrading to the Lumix? Or will the difference be so small that I should just hold onto my money until I'm ready to get a bigger, more capable (non-pocketable) camera?