Hi! I hope you will be able to help me decide on a good point and shoot camera for under $200, there are just too many choices! Jajaja.

Camera Type

Are you looking for a compact point & shoot camera, a DSLR, or something in between? (Or perhaps you haven't decided yet that's okay!) Point & shoot

Is this your first camera? First ever, or first digital? I bought a Fujifilm Finepix AX250 a year ago that I don't use because of it's poor image quality. Besides it is quite slow.

Are you interested in a high level of control, or would you prefer to let the camera do as much "thinking" as possible? Let it think!

If you had to choose, would you prefer a more versatile (large "") zoom lens, or top-notch image quality with no zoom at all? I prefer excellent image quality

What size of camera do you want? To what degree would you be willing to sacrifice other features for compactness? I want a compact camera, I don't mind if it is a quite big compact.


What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible. Up to $200.

Do you plan to spend more on additional accessories now or in the future? (Lenses, lighting, tripods, batteries, memory cards, camera bags... it adds up!) No

How long do you plan on keeping this new camera? A few years.


What will you generally use the camera for? I'm going on a trip to europe, so mainly landscapes, portraits and kids.

Are you going to photograph sports? What sport, and from how far away? No.

Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos, or other low-light photos? Both. I would love a camera that be able to take good pictures at night but I know how complicated is that for all cameras.

Will you make prints, or primarily view and share images on a computer screen? If you make prints, will they typically be small (up to 57") or medium sized (810"), or are you interested in larger sizes as well? I don't print much pictures, and if I do I do it in small sizes.

Are you interested in spending time post-processing to make an image "perfect", or would you prefer to use images basically straight from the camera? Nop, just point and shoot.


Are there particular lenses or technical features that are interesting or important to you? I would like it to have different modes.

Are there particular brands or models you already have in mind? Canon Elph 100 HS, Elph 110 HS, Canon Powershot Sx260, and Panasonic Lumix Zs-15.

The first two things that I want is great picture quality (bright colors, defined lines) and that the camera be fast. In second place, I would like a good variety of picture modes to expand the possibilities of the camera, but I want it to have a good auto mode if possible too. The third is battery life, please that it be durable. And finally I would like a good zoom if possible.
For what I had investigate it is quite impossible to find a compact camera that meet all my requirements in my price range. Bright now I'm inclined to the Lumix zs-15, but I've seeing excellent and really bad pictures of this camera, specially in pictures indoor. And the brightness of the colors really doesn't compare to the pictures of any Canon. But on the other side, Canon battery tends to not last long and the sx260 is slower than the zs15.

Hope you will be able to help me!! Thanks!!