I would like some guidance on choosing between the A77 or the A99. I currently have the A700 and the A900. I want to upgrade to take advantage of the improved auto focus. One of the lenses that I have is the Sony 70-400. I'm interested in the ability to be able to get sharper wildlife and sports pics. I'm not really concerned with the video. I realize with the crop factor of the A77, I can get closer to the subject. I'm fortunate that the price difference is not an issue for me. Is the IQ, and the focusing abilities of the of the A77 as good as the A99? If so, I will probably go with the A77 for wildlife and sports, and continue to use the A900 for landscape. If the IQ and the focus tracking are not as good as the A99, then I will sacrifice the length(crop factor) with the A77 and go with the A99. Thanks in advance for your opinions!