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    Copying videos from SD cards and back

    It used to be the case that I could drag and drop the avi files from memory cards to the PC back and forth as I wish. For instance, I may want to clear the SD card to maximise the space available before an outing. But I may want to put it back if I am going to meet up with family for a meal, and wanted to show some videos I've taken. With the the Sony A65 though, it seems quite different: I have the videos (MTS) in the PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM (strangely enough every file is numbered sequentially - could it really be that I've never deleted a file, or does the camera rename the files if one gets deleted?), information files on the E:\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\CLIPINF, a playlist file, as well as two BDM files. As far as PC playback is concerned, I reckon that I only need MTS files, but I have a feeling that the cameras won't be happy if I just copy a selected few of those back to the SD card without the associated CPI files, and modification to the playlist and BDM files (whatever they are). Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best way to do that?

    I run into the same issue when I want to check which files I want to keep and which files I want to delete from a PC (faster than doing it from the camera): I am worried that simply deleting the MTS and corresponding CPI file will corrupt the playlist and I am not sure if the camera will automatically fix that.
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