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    need a basic photo utility to replace Compupic..??

    I've been using Compupic Pro for a basic photo utility for 10+ years now... I love it; problem is, they never upgraded this to work with Win-7 OS... I've tried maybe a dozen utilities to replace it; but none have all the feature, with ease-of-use... I have Photoshop for serious editing... all I need is a simple, photo utility, with basic features... batch edit & rename, slide-show are really nice features that are included with the Compupic... any recommendations would be appreciated... thx, Rob.

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    They are selling a program for $49.95 that will not work on Windows 7! I would not have known that but have just noticed the "For Windows XP, 2000, ME, and 98" which I would probably have missed if I was not looking for it.

    I used to use this program http://www.multipleimageresizer.net/ but it will not create a slideshow.
    Batch Image Processing Features

    • Resize images
    • Rotate images
    • Flip images
    • Add single or dual borders to images
    • Add text to images (including file and EXIF information)
    • Crop images
    • Overlay / Watermark images with another image
    • Underlay another image beneath images

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    ...I know; it's stupid...I even called Photodex support; told them I would pay for another upgrade to a win-7 version... the old version actually DOES work somewhat w/win7; but it seems to have issues with some functions, & especially when working w/larger files.

    I'll try your suggestion, & let you know... slideshow is no biggee; I seldom use that feature...batch renaming is a nice feature, tho... thx... Rob

    FYI (update)... they just released a new version of 'resizer' 2 weeks ago; support for win8, & more details: http://www.multipleimageresizer.net/history.aspx

    updated report again... I just tried 'resizer' utility... no comparison to Compupic; which will [w/one-click] let you view image full-screen & zoom w/hotkeys... Cpic hotkeys page up/down goes to next image in folder... 'resizer' uses multiple windows, & runs slow... twice I tried opening a folder that had 1000+ files in it; & the program locked up... thanks anyway, but "thumbs down" on this one... I'm keeping XP on one pc, just so I can continue to use the Compupic... IMO, it's the ideal photo viewer utility... I'm really bummed they won't update it.
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    Have you tried Photoscape (available free from www.photoscape.org)? It's very versatile, packed with features, easy to use and claims to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. I use it myself when I can't be bothered to open Photoshop, and it works very well.

    Just one thing: it will take some time to open a new folder with 1000 files as it loads them as thumbnails. (For enhanced performance, it does cache thumbnails in a database once a folder has been scanned.) Perhaps you should reorganise your folders so that each one has say 200 files max. Oh, and it has a slideshow function.
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    I installed both the Photoscape (mentioned in previous post) & also the "FastStone Image Viewer" (http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm)... both of these seem like very nice photo utilities (& both free)... so far, I tend to prefer the Faststone program; as it's format is nearly identical to the CompuPic... CONS: both these utilities automatically create thumbnails when a folder is selected... I don't like this, as it is a waste of resources, especially when opening large folders with thousands of images... Compupic allowed the user to de-select thumbnail creation... I have opened folders containing over 10,000 images with no problems... FastStone has a premium version for $40; perhaps it has this option... thx for your input... Rob

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    CompuPic Pro DOES work with Windows 7 if you do a little reconfiguring. With CPic running, select Edit > preferences > miscellaneous Then uncheck the box "Enable Direct Draw Support".

    Now select Memory and increase the size of the memory for the first three items. I found that tripling each would allow me to work with large files. My monitor is 1920 by 1080 and camera is 10 megapixels.

    You might have to increase memory a bit more for very large files. The folks at Photodex recommended the first change and I found the second by myself.
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