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    White balance - grey card

    I have seen some old posts about grey cards - what are people using these days.

    I have seen caps to go on the lens. Sets of white, black and grey cards. Large and small cards.

    I noticed the other day when getting back I could not seem to get the colours of my subject back to how I remember. I do not want to spend time setting a white balance in the camera as I will probably forget and leave it set the whole day in different situations and give myself more headaches!

    So my thoughts were all I need is a grey card; perhaps buy a large one and cut it up into pieces - so when I leave it somewhere I will have a spair! It seems a waste buying a black and white one as well if I will not be using them.
    The size is the next thing; some sites say take a photo filling up the lens others do not mention that; just as long as it is in the frame. Filling the picture could be problematic as the card might not be in the same position as the subject and may actualy effect the light buy cutting some out if it is to close to te lens?

    I have also read that focusing can be a problem on a plain card; any input on this subject would be interesting.

    P.S. I would probaly be using the card for things like still life - fungi, insects etc.

    P.P.S. The plastic cards look good for wear etc. but do they cause a problem with reflection
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