Sad story from Wisconsin. I've always thought a Camera store could be both a fun place to work but a dangerous place to work. With all that expensive gear it seems like it would attract thieves almost as much as a jewelry store.
Minn. felon charged in La Crosse photo shop killings

"A Minnesota man has been charged with homicide in the deaths of a man and his son at their downtown store. A 39-year-old felon from southeastern Minnesota has been charged with fatally shooting a man and his son in their Wisconsin photo store last month and making off with thousands of dollars in camera equipment...
Store owner Paul Petras, 56, and his son A.J., 19, were shot in the head Sept. 15 after closing May's Photo in downtown La Crosse. Police found the son's body behind the main counter near a safe, according to the criminal complaint. Paul Petras' body was inside a bathroom, its door open and the latch broken, the complaint continued.

More than $16,000 in camera equipment was stolen from a display case. Lepsch's criminal history includes a 2003 conviction in La Crosse for stealing more than $60,000 in goods from an Ace Hardware warehouse and selling them online."