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    Wildlife photography.. Sigma 150-500 OS, 50-500 OS, or Canon 100-400L

    Hello everyone. I'd like to get opinions on which lens to purchase next. I enjoy photography as a hobby but I tend to get caught into details. I don't necessarily pixel peep but I'm a huge stickler for tack sharp images.

    I'm starting to get into shooting wildlife but my gear is a bit lacking. The longest lens I have is my 24-105L haha. So considering the lenses I already have, should I choose the Sigma 150-500 OS, 50-500 OS, or Canon's 100-400L?

    I've read a ton of threads in many forums all comparing these lenses and it seems like it all comes down to the particular copy of lens. That being said, it seems there's a consensus that the Canon 100-400L is probably the better lens in IQ in that range and its limitations are that it is "old" IS technology and obviously doesn't have the extra 100mm. I do hand hold a lot so IS (or OS) is important to me. My tripod never with me when I'm doing my nature, wildlife shots - mainly because my wife and new born are with me and I'm not lugging that thing around along with all of our other "stuff".

    I'm leaning towards the Canon even though it's not a typical "L" lens (no weather proofing), has the push/pull zoom, and lacks that extra 100mm range. I'm just not sure how much 100mm extra will benefit me.. last thing I want to happen is to get out there and get disappointed after spending $1600. I know there are sites where I can rent lenses, but that seems costly to do - especially since you have to pay full price for a new lens once you've settled on one - and not only that, but it seems that there are copy variances so it seems like an impractical tool to help me make my decision.

    Any thoughts?
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