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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    personally I find the self centred, whiny adult infatuated by greed and devoid of perspective infinitely more destructive.

    not sure how you get by with such a negative, sour outlook on life and the future. especially when you have so little reason to be that way. the problem you have, like so many others in the modern western developed world is that you don't know how good you've got it. I see these kids today and as a whole am excited about what they bring to the table. as suggested to you, look around flickr at what these kids are doing...they are AWESOME and I learn from their creativity all the time.
    Mate, the few do not represent the whole. I took the time to have first-hand experience with these young adults. You may be excited by the few Flickr accounts you have reviewed, but considering how limited that is versus the bulk of college students that are actually out there... you're excitement should be more couched.

    I agree that there are a few 'edgy" young folks out there, but relatively speaking, you could count them a few hands full of fingers. Doing a census review... their a few million hands to consider that are on the verge of being, effectively, useless.

    The "Greatest Generation" is woefully behind us, now. In two more years, most, if not all, will be gone. They provided us with a country (perhaps a world) unlike any other in history. Unfortunately, in doing so, they fostered the creation of a non-event generation and the decline of society, due to a lack of motivation and vision. I know I did not ask for this to happen... it just has. Someone, other than I, is reaping the benefit of this lazy, lusty counter-society. Many of the older people I encounter are of like mind and dread the idea of passing the torch to the upcoming children. In fact, they are so concerned, they are assembling committees to try and decide how to deal with upcoming retirement of organizationally vital personnel. Years and years of experience and understanding just disappears as the people sail off into the sunset.

    It may seem confusing... but the result is not... it is a void of information, despite the availability of "Google" on the Internet.

    Some things have not been shared... because no one cared to either share it or had some one RELIABLE to share it with! That's today's world... and it's getting rougher and... worse. It is not paranoia... that would, at least, be preventable. This is actually happening, right now.

    I had a chance to stop by the SONY store, this morning, and went through some shooting exercises with the a99 vs a850, using the SIGMA 24-70mm f/2.8 DG EX HSM IF lens. While the a99 enjoys the articulated rear screen and shooting without having to look through the camera body is kind of cute, I found that the a850 focused faster and truer on the targets. I shot a quick three-image sequence of a group of three people and a background about 15-feet behind them. I was looking for accurate focus and time between shots. This was one of the things that has been bugging me and only makes the idea of changing to the a99 a call worth examining closer. Just dropping $3000 for cutesy stuff doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. In fact, I would reduce my focus speed by doing so. Again, we all have our priorities, but when I am parting with this kind of coin… when I already have a very capable rig in my bag… why bother?
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